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Official Rules - PLEASE READ

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Official Rules - PLEASE READ

Post by Super Admin on Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:02 am

Terrorist threats will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban, IP ban, and a share of the post to the police. DO NOT DO IT


  1. No posting any inappropriate content

  2. Please try to keep strong or obscene language down to a minimum

  3. No posts that are against any specific person or group of people (racism, sexism, homophobic, hate, bashing, etc.)

  4. No advertising other websites without given permission by myself (Admin)

  5. No nudity or pornography in any posts whatsoever

  6. Please post things in the category/forum that they belong in.  If you don't feel it fits in any specific forum, either post it in "General" or send me a message asking where it belongs.


  1. It is not acceptable, in any way, for you to post anything hateful against any single person or group of people

  2. Anything that is hateful or prejudice in any way will be deleted without warning, and the poster will be given a temporary ban

  3. Everybody is welcome here, no matter who you are

  4. Any threats against anybody will be deleted and the poster will be permanently banned.


  1. Absolutely no encouraging any of the following actions:
    Self injury
    Eating disorders

  2. If something may be triggering, please say so in the title

  3. These forums are specifically for advice and support - please try and accept any advice or support offered to you

  4. Not everybody will accept your advice - do not get angry if this occurs

  5. Please be grateful for the advice given to you, even if it's not necessarily good for you


  1. Please don't report for frivolous reasons

  2. Please only report a post or topic once - do not keep reporting something over and over again if something isn't done about it immediately

  3. Just because you report it, doesn't mean anything is going to be done about it

  4. Please only report something that is breaking the rules

  5. Don't report something just because you don't like the person posting it

I'm sure these aren't the only rules that I'll come up with...  More will most likely be added later as I think of more.  But please follow these rules to keep these forums running smoothly.  Smile

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  Very Happy
Super Admin

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